Aqua Cristal Pet Bottle

Packaging Design Focus: Aqua Cristal Pet Bottle

A Good Packaging design example, the Aqua Cristal is a creative Pet Bottle design. Aqua Cristal was designed in 2012, and here is a how it is described by its designer: Aqua Cristal is a very elegant 500ml pet bottle design for water.

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Home Desk Furniture by Claudio Sibille

Claudio Sibille Designs The Marken Desk Home Desk Furniture

Claudio Sibille, the author of the awarded work Claudio Sibille's Marken Desk Home Desk furniture explains, The visually lightweight feeling of this elegant and yet strong desk takes us back to the scandinavian school of design. The awkward shap <Cropped>

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Köllen Bookshelf by Adrian Soldado Cid and Paula Terra Bosch

Adrian Soldado Cid and Paula Terra Bosch Illustrates The Köllen Bookshelf Multifunctional Shelf

Adrian Soldado Cid and Paula Terra Bosch, the project leader of the awarded design Köllen Bookshelf - Multifunctional shelf by Adrian Soldado Cid and Paula Terra Bosch explicates, Kollen Bookshelf is a shelf created from the repetition of adaptable <Cropped>

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Larry Wen and Yibo Wang-Aoe's The Curtain Sales Office

Larry Wen and Yibo Wang-Aoe Shows The The Curtain Sales Office

Larry Wen and Yibo Wang - Aoe, the lead designer of the highlighted project Larry Wen and Yibo Wang - Aoe's The Curtain Sales Office explicates, The design of this project has an unique approach to use the Metal Mesh as the solution for practica <Cropped>

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Nightshot-Photography by Mathias Weil

Mathias Weil Illustrates The Nightshot Photography

Mathias Weil, the maker of the displayed design Photography:Nightshot by Mathias Weil spells out, The design Nightshot is a panoramic photo taken at night with very low lighting, 100 meters above the city of Ludwigshafen in Rhineland-Palatinate Germa <Cropped>

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Automatic Bath Brush by Mohsen Jafarimalek & Pouya Hosseinzadeh

Mohsen Jafarimalek & Pouya Hosseinzadeh Creates The Enkel Rygg Automatic Bath Brush

Mohsen Jafarimalek & Pouya Hosseinzadeh, the thinktank behind the displayed work Enkel Rygg by Mohsen Jafarimalek & Pouya Hosseinzadeh points out, Nowadays people take care of their skin much more than before. There are so many devices in the <Cropped>

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Fila Packaging Award

Fila Invites You to Propose a New Graphic and Packaging Design Project For Two New Perfumes Dedicated to The Fila Fashion and Fila Sport Lines.fila Packaging Award New Packaging Design Contest On Fila Invites You to Propose a New Graphic And

Fila invites you to propose a new graphic and packaging design project for two new perfumes dedicated to the fila fashion and fila sport lines.Fila packaging award new packaging design contest on fila invites you to propose a new graphic <Cropped>

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Zeta Chu's M Casa House

Zeta Chu Spotlights The M Casa House

Zeta Chu, the creative mind behind the award winning design M Casa by Zeta Chu explains, The project is inspired by villa design as the clients adore hotel design in open plan. The original layout is overthrown and space is opened up as family area f <Cropped>

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Conventions Center:cancun Center by Sanzpont [arquitectura]

Sanzpont [arquitectura] Spotlights The Cancun Center Conventions Center

sanzpont [arquitectura], the designer of the awarded work sanzpont [arquitectura]'s Cancun Center Conventions Center spells out, The new Cancun Center was a remodeling project where the natural Caribbean elements, the rhythm of the sea , the sha <Cropped>

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Kanzashi Flower Mizuhiki Jewelry by Asuka Saito

Kanzashi Flower Jewelry Is a New Jewelry Collection by Asuka Saito

Kanzashi flower jewelry is a new jewelry collection by Asuka Saito, San Francisco-based jewelry designer. The unique feature of these design is that those jewelry are created by arranging Japanese traditional technique, Tsumami zaiku, to make Kanzash <Cropped>

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